Thursday, March 31, 2016

Matthew's, Cherry Blossoms and City Light Type Things

I remember Shakey's pizza when I was a kid.  I remember Chuckie Cheese.  I couldn't believe it when Domino's came into the game with home delivery!!  I even worked for Pizza hut when I was in high school.  I thought all of these places were great.  I didn't live in the city as a youngster.  Had I grown up in the city I would of been exposed to small-hole-in-the-wall pizzerias.  I can only hope for all of civilization that they get to experience authentic, family secret recipe, Mystic Pizza type pizza in their life time.  Getting to work at the Taj ma Teeter I get to poll the audience quite often on different things.

"Where is the best pizza" is a typical polling question.  In the Canton neighborhood the answer is unanimous.  The answer is Matthew's.  Weezy and I jump on the 31 route to Canton from down town in the Blue Beast.  We find a spot to squeeze into along Eastern Ave. and walk a block or two to Matthews.  We are greeted and seated in the busy restaurant as soon as we walk in.  Good timing fo sho.
 It got crowded quickly.  I'm not going to do a full restaurant review and bore everyone with adjectives and what not.  I will just say the polling audience was dead on balls!  I was able to enjoy fabulous pizza with the exquisite photographer that is my wife.  Awesome...just awesome

My brother in law lives in the D.C. area and as you may or may not know the Cherry Blossom festival was on in full effect Easter weekend.  So, the loving couple you've been reading about headed to Greenbelt to the Metro station.  I haven't been on the Metro in a few years and was surprised that those bastards charge you to get off the subway as well as when you get on.  I'm not a cheapo or anything but I don't remember paying 20 bucks for a round trip ticket.  Oh, well.  I'm not going to go on about that either but I will just show you the results of the voyage through the eyes of Janet...aka...WEEZY.

She's quite the photographer!!!!  Hellagreat wife too baby!

We were fortunate enough to catch a first this month as well.  Baltimore held "City of Lights" event this year for the first time.  The parade was awesome as it started by Federal Hill and traveled around the dock over to the Hard Rock side of the harbor.  Tons of friendly folks gathered and the weather was perfect.  The sense of community was definitely not lacking.  Here are some of Weezy's shots.  Just thought I'd share these too to wrap up things up...enjoy.

Thanks for dropping by.  Make good choices :)

Sunday, March 20, 2016

I'm just a Jim on top of Federal Hill.

What a beautiful part of our illustrious city.  Federal Hill!  We pulled a circle out on the hypothetical map and did a full lap around the neighborhood.  From start to finish this is a noticeably upgraded area inside the Baltimore City limits.
Like you wouldn't pose like this?!!

You pull a right from Pratt onto Light Street and let your eyes do the admiring.  I can only hope that the rest of the city can pull off the results this area has.  Canton has done a great job and Federal Hill.  Now if we can just pull the miracle on Broadway and Lombard we will have South, East and Central covered.  West Baltimore...just pick up the fucking trash for the sake of all that's holy.  For real.  You have to start some where.

Now if you walk on the other side of the park that is known as Federal Hill you come across the sweetest neighborhood.  Row houses that are peppered with cool shops.  We went into the Light Street Cafe.  The small cafe offered a huge coffee and hot Pastrami sandwich for me and crumb cake with a mocha latte for the Weeze.   Survey says...12 bucks baby!!  I feel bad for the Dunkin across the street because the coffee here was just freaking awesome.  I am looking forward to visiting this neighborhood again and doing a bunch more 'sploren!  
We noticed quite a few little taverns that we will be happy to go visit in the very near future.  We also have to get over to Little Italy and try the pizza there.  I have been searching for the perfect cheese steak since we arrived and have been mostly disappointed.  I want to go up and see if Mr. G's is still the place to get one like back in the 80's and early 90's.  So far...down town, Fells and Canton have not delivered on the cheese steak search.  So, if you know where I can find one please comment below.

Now to conclude, I am sad to announce that Weezy and I finished the "Wire" on Prime.  I love the show and will recommend it to everyone over 17 years old.  Just know that Baltimore is much nicer than what you see on the show.  The clean up here has been very successful and is a work in progress.  I am sad that we had 7 murders in the month of February.  Maybe we can get it under 6 in March.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Idols, Nickels and Rabbit Ears...OH, MY!

We see American Idol every week.  But we will no longer see it after this season.  I think this is a wonderful thing.  I'm still salty over Clark Beckham losing to Nick last season.  A season which I was some how lured in after I departed when Clay was robbed so many years ago.  Weezy was pissed this week because she missed the actual show when it aired and Hulu had the audacity to not have a replay available until 2 whole days.  #whitegirlproblems were a plenty my friends.  She was actually going to write Fox and Hulu an email.  I shit you not.

You see, when it gets cold here in Charm City, we watch a ton of TV when we can't be outdoors.
 We would rather be marching up Fed Hill or frolicking through Fells.  I would rather be skinny.  Which brings us to the next third item in our title.  Rabbit ears.  I heard that we could get a digital signal with a set of rabbit ears.  Weezy and I head to Target at the end of the 31 route.  We took the blue bomber instead of MTA.  Good old quality time for the young and loving couple.  The antenna is 44 dollars with a 50 mile range.  That's really far.  Really, really far.  I expect maybe I get the CW, NBC, CBS, Fox and ABC.  I hit the find the channels button on the remote when we get back to the deluxe apartment on the east side.  Nickel, I got 66 channels.  Cable cost atleast 60 bucks a month.  I have a lifetime of tv (no Life Time channel thank God!) for the low, low cost of 44 buckaroos.  Yeah, Nickel...yeah!

Now for the middle part of the title line.  Why do so many people here go by the nick name "Nickel"?  It's everywhere.  I'm walking by a corner and I hear the young guys call each other Nickel.  Then respond with a Yeah, Nickel! I hear What up Nickel?  What is it with all the nickels in Baltimore?  I don't hear it so much in Canton or Fells.  But down town???  Jesus!  Everyone is a damn nickel??!!  I just don't get it.  I think I'm going to make a T-Shirt that says "I'm an Eastside Nickel!"  I wonder if I could sell those on Amazon?


Can't wait for spring!!!