Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bannner Route Blues!

When one goes on the Charm City Circulator...one does not pay.  It's a free bus that has 6 routes I believe.  The Purple route and the Banner route take a complimentary trip through and around Federal Hill.  The Purple will actually take you all the way to Ft. McHenry.  Both take you to Fort Street.  If you give a pig a pancake then you will certainly need to give him syrup.  The pig will get off of the bus on Fort Street by the little league park and walk his happy ass to Hull Street.

Just a couple of blocks of walking and we appear at a little cafe.  This cafe is called Hull Street Blues Cafe.  It is here where you might just eat the best burger made in Baltimore.  They have a very diverse menu but Weezy was craving a burger.  This is a happy day for your's truly since she rarely eats the red meat.

Family run and waited on we order our burgers and are happy as ever that we gave up chain restaurants since our move to the greatest city in America.  The ninja always gets a plain Jane burger with crispy bacon (well done...#wtf) and I typically get a mushroom swiss (med rare...#ftw)

Not only was the building awesome and eclectic but the
food was generous and tasted like Jesus patted the meat Himself.  I'm serious.  A light shone down from the heavens before I took my first bite.  I had to wait a couple of minutes because the photographer of this blog had to take a million freaking pictures of it first!!  Seriously, if Lee Lynns has the best Howard County burger (I believe they do) then HSB has the best Baltimore county one.  Locust Point is lucky to have this treasure.

We were greeted and seated in seconds and our food took a good 18 minutes or so to come out.  Jesus takes his time getting the patty ready I suppose.  #OMG I cried a little when I took the first bite.  This massive, puts me atop the food chain, fed by the gods mammal, makes me feel sorry for vegetarianism fist bite to last bite resulted in the best flavor I've ever had in a hamburger.

The owner let the Weezer take pics all over the restaurant/cafe and I enjoyed playing on an ancient shuffleboard table to conclude our visit.

On the Banner route???  Get off at the Fort Street stop.  The number one takes you there as well.  To our new friends at Hull Street Blues Cafe...we thank you for the hospitality and the burgers from Heaven.

I'd like to thank my partner in crime as always the beautiful Weezy Aka Janet.  Her beautiful smile as well as ability to capture moments with her camera never cease to dazzle me.

All fun and games baby!!! All fun and games!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Matthew's, Cherry Blossoms and City Light Type Things

I remember Shakey's pizza when I was a kid.  I remember Chuckie Cheese.  I couldn't believe it when Domino's came into the game with home delivery!!  I even worked for Pizza hut when I was in high school.  I thought all of these places were great.  I didn't live in the city as a youngster.  Had I grown up in the city I would of been exposed to small-hole-in-the-wall pizzerias.  I can only hope for all of civilization that they get to experience authentic, family secret recipe, Mystic Pizza type pizza in their life time.  Getting to work at the Taj ma Teeter I get to poll the audience quite often on different things.

"Where is the best pizza" is a typical polling question.  In the Canton neighborhood the answer is unanimous.  The answer is Matthew's.  Weezy and I jump on the 31 route to Canton from down town in the Blue Beast.  We find a spot to squeeze into along Eastern Ave. and walk a block or two to Matthews.  We are greeted and seated in the busy restaurant as soon as we walk in.  Good timing fo sho.
 It got crowded quickly.  I'm not going to do a full restaurant review and bore everyone with adjectives and what not.  I will just say the polling audience was dead on balls!  I was able to enjoy fabulous pizza with the exquisite photographer that is my wife.  Awesome...just awesome

My brother in law lives in the D.C. area and as you may or may not know the Cherry Blossom festival was on in full effect Easter weekend.  So, the loving couple you've been reading about headed to Greenbelt to the Metro station.  I haven't been on the Metro in a few years and was surprised that those bastards charge you to get off the subway as well as when you get on.  I'm not a cheapo or anything but I don't remember paying 20 bucks for a round trip ticket.  Oh, well.  I'm not going to go on about that either but I will just show you the results of the voyage through the eyes of Janet...aka...WEEZY.

She's quite the photographer!!!!  Hellagreat wife too baby!

We were fortunate enough to catch a first this month as well.  Baltimore held "City of Lights" event this year for the first time.  The parade was awesome as it started by Federal Hill and traveled around the dock over to the Hard Rock side of the harbor.  Tons of friendly folks gathered and the weather was perfect.  The sense of community was definitely not lacking.  Here are some of Weezy's shots.  Just thought I'd share these too to wrap up things up...enjoy.

Thanks for dropping by.  Make good choices :)

Sunday, March 20, 2016

I'm just a Jim on top of Federal Hill.

What a beautiful part of our illustrious city.  Federal Hill!  We pulled a circle out on the hypothetical map and did a full lap around the neighborhood.  From start to finish this is a noticeably upgraded area inside the Baltimore City limits.
Like you wouldn't pose like this?!!

You pull a right from Pratt onto Light Street and let your eyes do the admiring.  I can only hope that the rest of the city can pull off the results this area has.  Canton has done a great job and Federal Hill.  Now if we can just pull the miracle on Broadway and Lombard we will have South, East and Central covered.  West Baltimore...just pick up the fucking trash for the sake of all that's holy.  For real.  You have to start some where.

Now if you walk on the other side of the park that is known as Federal Hill you come across the sweetest neighborhood.  Row houses that are peppered with cool shops.  We went into the Light Street Cafe.  The small cafe offered a huge coffee and hot Pastrami sandwich for me and crumb cake with a mocha latte for the Weeze.   Survey says...12 bucks baby!!  I feel bad for the Dunkin across the street because the coffee here was just freaking awesome.  I am looking forward to visiting this neighborhood again and doing a bunch more 'sploren!  
We noticed quite a few little taverns that we will be happy to go visit in the very near future.  We also have to get over to Little Italy and try the pizza there.  I have been searching for the perfect cheese steak since we arrived and have been mostly disappointed.  I want to go up and see if Mr. G's is still the place to get one like back in the 80's and early 90's.  So far...down town, Fells and Canton have not delivered on the cheese steak search.  So, if you know where I can find one please comment below.

Now to conclude, I am sad to announce that Weezy and I finished the "Wire" on Prime.  I love the show and will recommend it to everyone over 17 years old.  Just know that Baltimore is much nicer than what you see on the show.  The clean up here has been very successful and is a work in progress.  I am sad that we had 7 murders in the month of February.  Maybe we can get it under 6 in March.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Idols, Nickels and Rabbit Ears...OH, MY!

We see American Idol every week.  But we will no longer see it after this season.  I think this is a wonderful thing.  I'm still salty over Clark Beckham losing to Nick last season.  A season which I was some how lured in after I departed when Clay was robbed so many years ago.  Weezy was pissed this week because she missed the actual show when it aired and Hulu had the audacity to not have a replay available until 2 whole days.  #whitegirlproblems were a plenty my friends.  She was actually going to write Fox and Hulu an email.  I shit you not.

You see, when it gets cold here in Charm City, we watch a ton of TV when we can't be outdoors.
 We would rather be marching up Fed Hill or frolicking through Fells.  I would rather be skinny.  Which brings us to the next third item in our title.  Rabbit ears.  I heard that we could get a digital signal with a set of rabbit ears.  Weezy and I head to Target at the end of the 31 route.  We took the blue bomber instead of MTA.  Good old quality time for the young and loving couple.  The antenna is 44 dollars with a 50 mile range.  That's really far.  Really, really far.  I expect maybe I get the CW, NBC, CBS, Fox and ABC.  I hit the find the channels button on the remote when we get back to the deluxe apartment on the east side.  Nickel, I got 66 channels.  Cable cost atleast 60 bucks a month.  I have a lifetime of tv (no Life Time channel thank God!) for the low, low cost of 44 buckaroos.  Yeah, Nickel...yeah!

Now for the middle part of the title line.  Why do so many people here go by the nick name "Nickel"?  It's everywhere.  I'm walking by a corner and I hear the young guys call each other Nickel.  Then respond with a Yeah, Nickel! I hear What up Nickel?  What is it with all the nickels in Baltimore?  I don't hear it so much in Canton or Fells.  But down town???  Jesus!  Everyone is a damn nickel??!!  I just don't get it.  I think I'm going to make a T-Shirt that says "I'm an Eastside Nickel!"  I wonder if I could sell those on Amazon?


Can't wait for spring!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Nemoanya Weather There Hon!

The journey has been outstanding thus far.  The biggest variance in transitional challenges has been that of the climatic persuasion.  Leaving hurricane ground zero for the schizophrenic weather of Maryland has been interesting.  I did grow up here and around this place but I just don't recall it being so damn indecisive.

I know writing about weather will not lead to a big fan base but truth be told...I'm in this for therapeutic reasons. Writing makes me feel good.

Now, when the Weeze and I arrived we had no furniture because it was in transit.  I have to say it was nice having other people pack our stuff and drive it to us a 1000 miles.  Very awesome.  But let me throw this out there.  Hey, Mayflower...Your packers are packing you!! I mean a total "push it in
1 towel and 3 pot holders in this box! 
session".   The packers get paid by the hour I would have to assume.  The bastards wrapped a dish towel in 5 pieces of damn paper!!! Our move cost Oregon a butt ton of oxygen releasing wooden things!  I am serious.  When Weezy was done un packing (I didn't get married to do all that now!) She filled a re cycling dumpster with all the paper.  That would be ok if we were living in Never Land Ranch...but a 2 bed room charmer in the city???  Yeah, no.

The mover himself was a very nice guy.  Took good care of everything.  Well, with the small exception of a 8 day notice of a looming blizzard.  "Oh, no...I'll be there no matter what!" he promised.  I told him over and over that this storm was no joke.  Guess who had to sleep at a truck stop in 4 feet of snow less than 3 miles from the good ol #31 bus route?  You guessed correctly. Weezy and I got to chill in our new digs with a small flat screen, two soccer mom chairs, an air mattress and a PS3.  Oh the #whiteboyproblems were definitely a foot.  Weezy made it through just fine.  I was going nuts.  But I am always going nuts.

Four days after our furniture arrived and we hauled the last of the @#$@#ing packing paper to the recycling it was a meager 54 degrees.  The mountains of snow were melting fast.  Then, because it was Tuesday, we endured a 14
degree day with 20 mile winds.  The blue bandit, Smurfette, had some frozen diet Pepsi's chilling in the cup holder.   I mean this weather is as easy to figure out as is a packer wrapping a box of q-tips in 6 pieces of packing paper.  Thank God they didn't break.

So, the first month is totally behind us and we have everything from T-shirt
and shorts weather to the Eskimo's revenge clothing line.  So, working at the Taj 'ma Teeter I notice a couple of older women (way older than Weezy) talking.  "It's Nemoanya weather there Hon!!!", says one lady to the other.
"Yup, Nay Nay shit got real this month"

I love Baltimore.
Photos taken by Weezy :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hey, What's Going On?

It's easy to type a title like this when 4 non Blondes are piping through your Amazon music player.  Don't worry...I didn't buy it.  Not specifically any way.  What's going on is that good ol Kas and Weezy sorta got hooked on a little show that we watch on Amazon.  A free trial resulted in our addiction to the show "The Wire".  But today when I check my credit card balance I noticed that Amazon sent Omar in to jack me when I wasn't paying attention to free trial deadlines.  This cracka just got checked!  A full year subscription just swiped by a computerized stick up boy.  To that $108.09 I say "Bye, Felicia!".

It's all good because I still have 6 seasons to binge on and the Weeze is cheating on me while I'm hard at work because I see the little green line on the episode box.  C'Mon Weezey-Poo!  She's cool though because she'll watch it again just to watch my reaction.  I'm pretty predictable.  I nearly cried when Little Man bought it.

So, what's going on with the sweet little charm city we call home?  I need you crazy jack wagons to please calm down when you are getting all screwy on your Fells Point juice boxes.  A lady walking out of her bar job gets nailed by a psycho in a mini van?  Three dudes get shot in a club just a couple of doors down???  Maybe "The Wire" should of been filmed in Fells?  C'mon...what is going on??  I want something here.  I would like my homecoming to be kind and loving.  Like my lil Weezy.  Seriously, Janet is going to question my sanity and choice selection skills if we keep up this rambunctious behavior.  So...again...CALM THE @$@CK down!!!

Thank you...That is all.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Safety First

Weezy was a wee bit wary of moving back to Baltimore with me.  She's been in a safe boring  environment for a very long time.  The beautiful thing about taking the 31 is that it trolls thru Fells Point, Little Italy and ends in Dundalk.  I work in Canton so that's a pretty kush place in Baltimore.

We are about to set sail on an adventure to the Federal Hill area in a few minutes.  While we were up this morning plundering the internets Weezy did some more of her research.  She is famous for said research by the way.

Completing her research she was some what relieved that Baltimore happened to drop out of the top 100 nationally bad ass, get they shit taken places to live.  Weirdly enough Panama City, Florida (from whence we came) was on the list.  We both lived there in years past.  We left Niceville which did not make the list.  That surprises me because the Niceville "famous" Bay Beacon always had at least 10 - 20 arrests a week in their periodical!  WalMart was consistently ear marked for 4 to 9 shop lift bust a week.  Sally Sue must have that Skoal and Insulin test strips...or else.  Silly, silly, silly.

I finally convince Weezy that we are snug as a bug in a rug and there is a post on line for a dumb incident on S. Broadway in Fells.  CMON!!!!!  I go by that street every day on the way to work.  Oh, well.  I guess the struggle is real every where.

Today's mission to find all the cool free stuff we can get into EASTSIDE.  I'll be back!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Taming Thames St.

So, we adventured to Fells Point.  The brick streets of Thames were awaiting our foot traffic in our pursuit of a fantastic lunch.  Weezy and I haven't been to this specific tavern in two years but we can't wait to get back there.  We enter the Duda's Tavern at noon and it's moderately busy.

Three older gentlemen sitting at the bar getting their Natty Boh on.  Business people sitting in the dining area that is actually only 7 inches from the bar.  Duda's is quite intimate so if you need a ton of personal space there probably is no need to go in to this establishment.  If you want to cuddle and eat really good food then...well it's unbeatable for this really.

It's important for me to show my woman a good time.  She's lived down in the south but she's no southern girl.  She's a lable-less woman.  Except she's mine.  The great thing about Duda's is that you get great food and it's all about that action boss.  The lady who waited on us also waited on everyone in the Tavern.  NO HELP.  None needed.  Had she had time to talk I would've got her name.  However, she was all about that action which gave me time to take care of my action.  Spending time with the scrabble champion, owl loving, photo taking, kung fu trained, Amos Lee loving, delicious mammal I call my wife.

She ate the crab dip fries and I had the Reuben.  It was served shortly after our appetizer order of onion rings arrived.  I was having an extreme insulin issue.  (I took about 15 units too many) So I was a sweaty mess.  Our server brought me out some bread and a Coke.  Then another Coke.  One more Coke...finally the sweat stopped pouring and I was able to pay attention to my Weeze!!!

We left a fat tip and off we go.  Adventure day is the best.  The plan is always to have no plan.  Where the day takes you is sufficient enough.  Let's talk about those random destinations...

The Natty Boh Gear store!!!  What a great place.  I had a blast in this little shop of Bmore treasures.  Orioles gear and Natty stuff all over.  I linked their site so click on it.  The prices are actually mind blowingly low.  I even got an O's hat for under 25 bucks.  The shop keeper wasn't all up in our business either.  Very laid back.  Just across the street on Thames I definitely give this place a thumbs up.

You see part of my passion for Baltimore is that I have always felt at home and like I knew anyone I talked to here.  I watch the Wire and as much as I love the show there is just so much more here.  It is the city of misfits.  Tattoo people hanging with banker hanging with sailor hanging with housewife hanging with artist hanging with musician hanging with your mother!  And we all really do care about each other.  This was going through my mind as I caught a glimpse of an odd shaped gallery protruding about a half a block away.

Baltimore Seen! The gallery of Robert McClintock.  Not only did we get to see some great POV art...We were entertained by the artist and his Pit bull in the gallery.  This doesn't happen in New York and it damn sure doesn't happen in Crestview Florida.  The pit bull part but not this docile version.  It ended a truly great plan less day.  The best Monday ever and a great way to celebrate the melting away of 30 inches of record setting snow.  A blizzard in which I had no internet access!!!  Oh, the blogging I could've done.