Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Cast Your Mind

It's funny.  I see couples all the time.  Most couples that I see are shopping.  These couples that I see are typically happy.  I'm handing the couples bologna and what not.  I even ask them what there favorite music group in high school was.  When I see couples at a rest area they normally look tired and grumpy.  When I see couples in restaurants I see them with their faces in their God forsaken phones.  A lot of couples don't get along because they don't spend real time with each other.

Why didn't you like my post on Facebook?  Why didn't you retweet my joke?  Why are you looking at all these other people?  Why? Why? Why?  Road trips?  I love them.  The Weeze loves them too. Does she snap chat the whole time?  Yeah, pretty much.  But she includes me for the most part.  She also will post from time to time to the FB account.  I will say that in the last couple of years she has converted to mostly snap chatting as I have tweeting.  Myspace was the shit though wasn't it?  FB is drama.  Drama and lies LOL.

Anyway, road trips are a good way to stretch out and see things.  I don't like eating in "chain" restaurants and Weezy doesn't like riding on interstates.  She uses the force every time a big old truck comes merging in.  It really is funny.  One hand is force choking the diesel driver while the right leg is pumping out a bass drum solo!  Watch out Alex VanHalen Kenobi!

We also get great photography.  Cast your mind.  We are driving down a back road in Virginia and I
Pennsylvania great for Trex spotting
get told to stop every 18 miles so that she can stop and smell the flowers, take pictures of the flowers and roll around in the flowers.  Ok, she doesn't smell them.  This is the cool part.  If you have time to spend together then you should spend it together.  Stop and look at bridges and mountains and what not.  Sure, it's fun to poke fun at someones country ass.  But it is also refreshing seeing the world through actual eyes and not some one else's news feed.  I have to say that is my favorite thing to do.  Well, that...and watching Vikings on Hulu.

I would like everyone to take time and have some fun this summer.  Drive to Philly to eat a sandwich and hug Rocky's leg.  Take a trip to Harpers Ferry.  See a river or an ocean.  Be kind and loving and make good choices.
Feeling good now!!
My Mom the Weenie
20 minute road trip :)
1000 mile road trip :)
No Banjo's just Beauty

Probably wouldn't see this on I95

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