Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bannner Route Blues!

When one goes on the Charm City Circulator...one does not pay.  It's a free bus that has 6 routes I believe.  The Purple route and the Banner route take a complimentary trip through and around Federal Hill.  The Purple will actually take you all the way to Ft. McHenry.  Both take you to Fort Street.  If you give a pig a pancake then you will certainly need to give him syrup.  The pig will get off of the bus on Fort Street by the little league park and walk his happy ass to Hull Street.

Just a couple of blocks of walking and we appear at a little cafe.  This cafe is called Hull Street Blues Cafe.  It is here where you might just eat the best burger made in Baltimore.  They have a very diverse menu but Weezy was craving a burger.  This is a happy day for your's truly since she rarely eats the red meat.

Family run and waited on we order our burgers and are happy as ever that we gave up chain restaurants since our move to the greatest city in America.  The ninja always gets a plain Jane burger with crispy bacon (well done...#wtf) and I typically get a mushroom swiss (med rare...#ftw)

Not only was the building awesome and eclectic but the
food was generous and tasted like Jesus patted the meat Himself.  I'm serious.  A light shone down from the heavens before I took my first bite.  I had to wait a couple of minutes because the photographer of this blog had to take a million freaking pictures of it first!!  Seriously, if Lee Lynns has the best Howard County burger (I believe they do) then HSB has the best Baltimore county one.  Locust Point is lucky to have this treasure.

We were greeted and seated in seconds and our food took a good 18 minutes or so to come out.  Jesus takes his time getting the patty ready I suppose.  #OMG I cried a little when I took the first bite.  This massive, puts me atop the food chain, fed by the gods mammal, makes me feel sorry for vegetarianism fist bite to last bite resulted in the best flavor I've ever had in a hamburger.

The owner let the Weezer take pics all over the restaurant/cafe and I enjoyed playing on an ancient shuffleboard table to conclude our visit.

On the Banner route???  Get off at the Fort Street stop.  The number one takes you there as well.  To our new friends at Hull Street Blues Cafe...we thank you for the hospitality and the burgers from Heaven.

I'd like to thank my partner in crime as always the beautiful Weezy Aka Janet.  Her beautiful smile as well as ability to capture moments with her camera never cease to dazzle me.

All fun and games baby!!! All fun and games!